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The Corporate stop over for Training & Staffing Solutions.


Resource optimization is the key to cost efficiency today. We provide staffing Solutions that enable you to derive the benefits from peoples' expertise without the associated statutory costs of employment. In the modern competitive environment, business needs have become flexible and prone to change. Business areas and processes are dependent on client requirements, with no guarantee of continuity. In this situation, recruitment of specialized professionals may lead to redundancy as a process may cease without sufficient notice.Our staffing solutions address this problem as the company obtains the freedom to acquire and divest itself in human expertise quickly, in response to business needs. Staffing solves the problem of nonperformance as a person who is unable to meet performance parameters can be replaced immediately.
Staffing also addresses the major problem of employee retention as attrition becomes our responsibility.
With a year long supply of exhaustively trained professionals exiting our IT Training programs and also the internal talent pool available in our group companies, Gavin offers the unique advantage of hiring Java, .Net, PHP, Mainframe, IT support, Testing and many other project critical resources on a short term basis. What’s more, corporations have the option of hiring these resources permanently into their rolls at any point of time.

Welcome to Gavin Resources

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